Running (NaNoWriMo Practice 2)


During the month of October I will be putting myself through writing exercises that I shall coin with the name freewriting.  I am doing these exercises to try and get my mind to just write without worry or concern as I psych myself up for this years National Novel Writers Month event.  Then I will post my writing on here for you to check out.  Enjoy!

Azel ran.  The loose cloth of his black outfit whipped out behind him much the same as the long locks of his blonde hair.  Blood pumped with each racing step he took and his heart felt like exploding.

The night was coming alive with more and more shrieks every minute and he saw and felt more and more shadows racing around corners and in between buildings the further he went.  Whoever opened up the door for these monsters forgot to close the damn thing.  Azel knew he was a good hunter, but this was too much even for him.  There were hundreds.

So, he ran on.  Buildings continued to race past in shadowy blurs that hid the beasts that pursued him.  He had just taken a sharp turn down a side passage, trying to shake the monsters off, when he saw someone step out of a doorway.

“In here now, you idiot.”

He couldn’t see the person clearly, but the voice left little doubt in his mind.

Oh, great.

Still he darted into the door the shadow held open without question.  The room was empty except for a simple bed and a table with a lantern resting on it.  His muscles and chest burned with exhaustion and he collapsed on the bed.  He turned his head as has rescuer closed the door, and the light from the lantern confirmed the identity of his twin.

“Cale, you saved my ass,” he wheezed out.

“Isn’t that how it always how it goes?”

Cale walked over and sat down next to Azel on the bed.

“But I guess that’s what brothers are for?  Tell me what the hell you did.”

Azel took a deep breath and sat up.

“It was just a hunt.  Some demon was prowling the shadows and I cut it down.  Next thing you know, I have hundreds of the bastards chasing me through the city.  I think someone opened a gate and left it open.”

Cale gave a wry laugh.  “That’s great.  Any idea what we should do now.”

Azel thought for a minute.  They could wait out the night here in the hovel they were holed up in, but each minute they waited risked the chance of ordinary citizens being hurt or killed by the demons.  No their best shot at ending this quickly lied with making their way back to their temple and meeting up with rest of their order.

“We need to get back to father,” Azel answered.  “Him and the rest of the Night Guardians can help us end this tonight.”

“I knew you were going to say that, but damn,” Cale said with a sigh.  He ran a hand through the same blonde hair that Azel had and looked at his twin.  “Alright, what’s the plan?”

“We take to the roofs.  We’ll be out in the open, but we’ll be able to see the monster’s coming.”

Cale nodded in understanding.  “Are you rested enough to get going again?

“I’ll be fine, besides we haven’t any time to waste,” he said as he rose from the bed.  “Are you ready, brother?”

“I am, let’s go.”

They walked to the door took a check of gear and armor, gave each other one last nod, then with one calm deep breath, Azel kicked the door open.