Not a bad day of writing


I should start all my novels as short stories.  I had originally came up with the idea of making this story the first in a five-part short story series.  Then after I realized this story had too much going on, I decided to write the whole thing as a novel, and I started asking myself, “How can you fit all five short stories into one novel?”  And I thought about this question all day through my shift at work, until -BAM!!!!  What is stopping me from just adding depth and more design to the story I’ve already written?

The answer, my friends, is jack squat.  So, this evening I started writing and found the material just springing to mind like jack-in-the-boxes on a week-long sugar binge.  I can give more to each of my characters, build better relationships and, to fix something that was completely lacking in the story when it was not but a short, I can actually build a world with names and places, as opposed to no-named skylines and featureless buildings.  To be quite honest, I haven’t been this excited about writing in so very, very long.

As a final note, my first goal for this evening had been with the intention of sitting down and drawing a gnarly sketch of my main character, but the words just kept pouring, so maybe another time I or one of my better artist friends will be able to put up a good sketch of him on here.  Keep your eyes open!


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