Great writing, crappy life


On the bright side of life, I had Eureka moment after Eureka moment with my writing yesterday.  After I switched gears from the one project to the other, I had to ask myself a series of questions in order to figure out where the story was going.  Each question brought another answer, and each answer brought another question, until most if not all of the pieces had finally been tied together.  So, there’s one victory.

However, life loves to mess with me.  I have been applying to a few places, looking for a second job.  My best friend put in a good word where he worked, and got me an interview setup.  Then today the lady I had been speaking to, had called me back and told me that her boss had failed to inform her that he had filled the position about a week ago.  I was on the verge of saying, “Seriously?”  However, when I took a look at it, that is the exact thing that I should have seen coming in my life.  Just when things start looking up they just come crashing down.  That’s not the only bad news bullet that has ripped through me this week, but it is definitely one of the worst.  I will get back to looking for  a second job, but man this is growing tedious.



3 thoughts on “Great writing, crappy life

  1. On the plus side, more time for writing with all these Eureka moments! I like to think everything happens for a reason and that you can always gain something positive from something negative. Good luck with the job hunting…I feel your pain, I really do!

    • I absolutely see the bright side of the fact that I have time for writing and my family. Bills just start to get overwhelming. However, with any luck this will be the beginning of a prospective writing career that will eventually help me alleviate some of the burden.

      • Good thinking ninety nine. Bills shmills…I don’t know why they don’t just crawl into a cave and die. Grrr >:[ <–That's my angry face.

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