Keeping it real. Real busy!


Wow!  I have been extremely busy.  I have finally found my momentum with my writing, I’ve been hitting up job interviews for a second job, and then there was father’s day and general family time.  Not saying I was overwhelmed, I’ve just had no downtime.

I am really excited about my novel.  After my last post, I kept brainstorming ideas to give my story even more depth, and I’ve got to say that I’m mildly impressed with myself.  I’d been having some self-confidence issues as of late, and this turning point was exactly what I needed to keep myself moving.  I’m only on chapter two but it’s not for a lack of trying so much as a lack of time.  I’m happy with the fact that my first chapter was just shy of 2100 words, so if I keep that same pace for the other twenty-nine chapters I have planned I should hit 60k overall and make for a decently full book.

Only thing I’m having an issue with is the fact that I wish I could write the second and third books of the trilogy first.  That is where my favorite parts of the plot unleash themselves.  Alas, nobody will buy vol. 2 and 3 without knowing vol. 1, and I just don’t have the time to write all three before making a submission to some publishers.  Or at least not the patience anyways.

Well, I’m off to bed, composite and pen in hand.  Hopefully, I can make a few more ink-stained daydreams before the night lulls me into its embrace.


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