“Caged” an excerpt


Hey, guys!  Here is a sneak peak at the rough draft of my  short story, “Caged”.  Hope you enjoy it!

“You’re dead!” I shouted.  “I killed you!”

She giggled as innocently as a little girl.  “The hunted can never kill a hunter, Jack.”

“What do you mean?” I demanded.

At this, her smile broadened and she casually licked the rubies that were her lips, while her hands began to rub over the thin red dress that attempted to contain the woman’s voluptuous assets.  A moment that would have been highly erotic for any man, quickly turned into a terrifying one, as her hands went lower until she hunched over and slapped them on the ground.  She looked back up at me with those sinister eyes, except they grew more and more sinister until all that was left was vicious pools of inky blackness.  Hostility poured out of them, washed over me in a wave of fear and despair and lent her more strength.  The smile she wore so sweetly continued to grow larger until it reached an inhuman size and her teeth began to lengthen and sharpen.

The silence which had endured during all this was quickly rent, first by my fear addled babbling and second by the sound of her red dress ripping up the back as sharp barbs rose up her spine like a raging tsunami rushing up from the ocean.  As the fragments of the woman’s dress fell away, I found myself not staring at the supple flesh of a beautiful woman, but the sleek leathery skin of a black and brown reptilian horror.  The transformation ended with two inch claws growing out from where there had once been painted nails, leaving precise scrapes across the brick-laid ground.

            No longer having any of the qualities that defined a woman as such, the monster rose up on its hindquarters and shook its monstrous head as if clearing a haziness that enraptured it during its transformation.  Once it cleared its senses, I could feel each of them settle on me, from the dark eyes watching me intently, the slight huff it expelled as it sought to sniff my scent, the way its tongue lashed wickedly in and out of the mouth seeking to taste me, and the simple twitch of the muscles that rippled across the hulking form that told me how badly it desired to reach out and caress my skin in any way other than gently.  Its permanent smile finally broke when it began to speak with a voice as hell bound as one would expect a monster of such vileness.

            “Now who’s the hunter, Jack?” it asked with a lisping exaggeration on the end of my name.


4 thoughts on ““Caged” an excerpt

  1. tattoodevil13

    Nice teaser is she a subcus or something different? I love these type of stories. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Originally, yes. But after looking into Cthulhu Mythos, I decided to forgo the normal monsters and make one of my own. Hopefully, the anthology editor I’m writing it for will like it and it will be published in October. Wish me luck! And thank you for the RT on Twitter.

    • Thanks for the compliment Leo! A werewolf had been one of my original ideas but with they hype built up around them, I wanted to try and bring my own monster into the mix and see if I could come up with something new to scare people. Being a rough draft though, I may still change it a bit more, just because I’m not sure it nailed the terror I hoped to invoke.

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