“Prisoner of Death” excerpt


Sorry I haven’t put anything new up in a while.  I’ve been working on my horror short a lot lately, on top of being a daddy, husband and daily job goer.  That being said, I now have to go mow a friends yard and need to get some more work done on “Caged”, so I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my short story turning novella, “Prisoner of Death”.  Enjoy!

The assassin grabbed his hooded head in both hands and unleashed a primal scream as a wave of agony rushed through him.  And, yet, the agony brought something else with it.  He couldn’t put a name to what he felt; he knew only that the girl was no longer his target.  He felt the compulsion shift out and away from the stable.

Once the cleansing fire that had enraptured him settled down, he looked around the room.  First to the face of the young girl bound before him, who trembled yet no longer strained against her bonds.  Second to the guards who, startled by his outburst, had drawn their weapons.  Finally, his gaze settled on his sword, the one item that had become a terror to behold, while also being the one constant in his life.  With fluidic grace he picked it up and stood.  Turning his back to the girl and the guards, he headed towards the door and Kerris, before one of the guards that had been waiting by the door stepped into his way.

“Oy, where do ye think y’er-“

The sword he was brandishing at the assassin and the last of his words were each cut away in one dancing swing of the assassin’s blade.  A cry rose up from the rest of the guards as the remaining nine charged him seeing their comrade cut down.  The assassin whipped around and blocked the overhead chop of the nearest guard before spinning with his blade and taking the man’s entrails into the throat of his next attacker.  Not stopping, the assassin turned towards his next targets.

These men were each a personal guard of Brynn for a reason.  They were smart and ruthless.  They had formed a three man wall that they would only break once they were close enough to circle the assassin.  Instead of charging at them though, he ran towards a pool of shadows against the nearby wall and dove in before popping out of another shadow directly behind them.  Three lightning fast thrusts through each of their backs left four guards to go.

It only took a second for the rest of the guards to realize that the assassin was now at the back of the stable.  Two of them were quickly moving to flank him from his sides while a third came at him from the front.  He parried the swinging attack from the front and sent the blade out wide catching a glancing blow against the sword arm of his left side’s flanker, causing the man to gasp in surprise and stop his advance.  His surprise was left incomplete as the assassin spun around sweeping a high aimed kick that sent his head back with a sickening snap.  Finishing his pirouette of death, the assassin kept the momentum up just enough to knock the second flanker from his feet with another sweeping kick, before bringing his sword up high to block the frontal attacker’s overhead chop.  The guard in front of him keeled forward, after the assassin reversed his block and slammed the pommel of his sword into the his midsection.  Spinning out around him, he slashed down across the man’s exposed neck, just as the second flanker had made it back to his feet and began charging the assassin in bewildered anger.  A relaxed parry and slash sent the man bloodied and sprawling back to the straw covered floor.  He did not get up this time.

A voice from back in the middle of the stable called, “Yeh move and she’s dead.”

Turning to face the final guard, the assassin found him holding the girl up in front of him with one arm while he held a dagger to her throat.  He took two steps towards them.

“I mehn it!  Stay where you are!”

The assassin dropped his sword arm to his side and relaxed.

“Tha’s right.  Nise and ‘asy.  Now I’m gunna take ‘er out the door and once I’m out there I’ll let ‘er go,” he said as he started to back up.

The guard was only able to take one step before the assassin reacted.  Faster than the guard’s eyes could catch, he took one step and swung his sword out wide to his right as he flicked his thumb across a catch on the pommel.  Where the blade and tang should have stopped several feet short of the guard, they kept flying trailing a wire from the pommel.  Once they closed the distance to the guard, he grasped the wire and snapped it back to the left.  The blade, following suit, severed the top of the guards head.  His grip on the girl slacked and she fell to the ground before he did.


2 thoughts on ““Prisoner of Death” excerpt

  1. tattoodevil13

    Another good piece of writing. Very desciptive, I love all the blood and guts lol. Is this a snippet from one of ur novella stories. Enjoyed it would like to read more 🙂

    • Yeah. I started working on “The Oblivion Soul” a while ago. Then I found Tor.com would pay for sci-fi/fantasy short stories. So, I started writing “Prisoner of Death” for that and then I realized how well it paired with “Oblivion Soul” so “Prisoner of Death” will probably be a prequel novella I write after I finish the trilogy. The whole of the short story is written, but I had so much going on that I needed to either cut it, not an option in my book, or make it into a novel or novella of its own. So, now it’s sitting on my virtual shelf until it’s time to finish it.

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