Rough Drafts and Anxious Days


Salutations subscribers, random readers and bypassing blogaphiles.  Fantastic news! I’ve finished the rough draft of “Caged”!  I’m waiting to hear back from my editor.  I know that I put up an excerpt from it a few blogs ago, but I have to admit, I changed the monster.  I didn’t really want to go with a giant mutant frog, so I dug into the depths of various horror sources and gave it a big make over.  I’m so excited.

I’m also incredibly anxious.  I hate waiting.  I almost never finish most projects I start, so this is kind of nerve wracking for me.  The thought of actually completing something, and possibly getting it published is almost too much to bare.  Under any circumstance, I’ve found myself unable to continue my work on my other projects so I’ve spent most of my writing time just hounding people on Twitter and reading the various blogs I’ve been following.  Check them out in the column at the left.

Anyways, I’ve got to get going, have to work early tomorrow.  So I’m going to get finished and take off for the night, but I leave you with a revised version of the same excerpt from “Caged” that I put up before.  Hope you enjoy it!

“You’re dead!” I shouted.  “I killed you!”

She giggled as innocently as a little girl.  “You can’t kill a monster, Jack.”

“What do you mean?” I demanded.

The smile she gave me then sent me into a fit of chills the likes of which I have never felt.  With a snap of her fingers, the lights, hung from the alley wall to shed their radiance in the otherwise depthless area, began to shut off, one by one, each disappearing with a slam not unlike that of a door closing.  The result of the lights departure left me blinded and helpless.

“That’s it, Jack.  Get used to the darkness.  We’re going to be here for a while,” she said with a soulless chuckle.

As my eyes adjusted to the now limited light of the overcast night sky, I began to make out the blurry crimson form of the woman, her smile still in place as if nothing had happened.  She had not moved from her spot, yet somehow she now held the end of a thick black chain that wound its way behind her and vanished into the pitch black surrounding us.  At first, I began to consider the possibility that she would strike me with the chain, but then I heard the unmistakable sound of something shuffling slowly closer.  With it came the sound of a chain dragging across the ground.  My palms, already coated in a fear-induced coat of sweat, struggled to maintain the tenuous grip I had on my knife, as my hands began to shake.  My eyes burning with the effort of trying to absorb whatever light they could find, began to water, from what I wished was strain, but cannot refuse was actually terror.  Whatever was drawing closer could not be good, yet I could not force myself to move.

So, I continued to stand there like a simpleton, as the shuffling grew louder and louder, closer and closer.  When the thought that I could not take any more began to creep into my mind, the shuffling grew right up next to the woman and stopped.  It was at the moment, that the overcast sky broke and the moon shined down in a show of mercy.  However, the sight that lay before me was nothing short of a nightmare, in its simplest form.

The nightmare was a vaguely manlike creature, eight feet tall with a frame that reminded me of a praying mantis, shrouded in a black coat.  Like a trench coat, it covered every part of its body.  Unlike a trench coat, it had no zipper and it didn’t stop at the neckline.  It wound up and over its head and face, hiding all evidence of any possible human features.  This alone would have been enough to scare the piss out of me, but then there were the hands, which did scare it out of me in a blossom across the front of my pants.  I refer to them as hands, but they were little more than a giant pair of claws, each about three feet in length and each affixed to one of the arms.  Even in the pale light of the moon, the stain of blood splayed across the cold, curved surfaces could not be mistaken for any other substance.  Like an obedient puppy, it stood at the woman’s side, whose chain clung to a collar that wrapped around the monsters neck.

A feeling of helplessness embraced me in a way I had not known since my youth.  For so long, I had grown used to the power that taking lives had given me.  The ability to choose if their deaths would be slow or fast, painful or gentle, punishment or release, had given me something, in my books, worth living for.  But, now, here stood a creature who had stolen it all away.  Here was a horror that could surely end my life as easily as I had ended countless others.  It wasn’t fair, it couldn’t be true, and perhaps I could still destroy it.  All of these and a hundred other thoughts passed through my heads as I stared at this monstrosity in unbelievable terror. 

“This is Korpis, Jack.  Say hello to Jack, Korpis,” the woman said as if she spoke to a child.

The monsters response was nothing more than a hollow gasping sound that barely escaped the cloth covering its face, but it was enough.  I dropped my sweat-slick knife and began to edge away, with trembling hands and shuffled steps mirroring the monsters.


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