Starting Six Sentence Sunday Series


First, I shall start with this note: I finished my short story!

Yeah I know it’s not very long and took far more time than it really should have, but I’m still excited. I sent it out a few days ago, which means I should be receiving a response from the publisher in about… six to eight months. I was determined to submit it to this particular publisher first, so the wait may seem copious, but I shall endure. And, no. No reading until it’s approved or denied. The publisher makes it completely free to read once published, so I’d rather not step on their toes.

Now that it is done, I’m considering digging back into the trilogy that I started, but I’m taking it easy for a little while. I have, however, been inspired by the wonderful Krystal Wade ( to start my own Six Sentence Sunday series. So, every Sunday I shall do my best to come up with six sentences of, hopefully, entertaining prose, and throw it up on here for all of you, my fantastic readers, to read and critique. Fawn away, my friends.;)

If wisdom comes with age, then why now, at the time of his death, did he finally understand. So many questions had kept their answers hidden from him for so long. Yet, with painful clarity, they were all suddenly and irrevocably bared to him in the form of the person standing before him.

Like a flint, her eyes sparked bittersweet memories of forsaken love, while the sheen of her skin forged tales of warm nights now gone. As the cold steel of her blade slid from between the quickly paling folds of his flesh, he spoke the only word that mattered at that moment.



3 thoughts on “Starting Six Sentence Sunday Series

  1. I inspired you?? Wow! I’m flattered, really. The lines are great! What’s this from? Oh and there’s a whole lot of us involved in the six Sunday. Check out There are rules and such, too! 🙂 can’t wait to read more next week!

    • Well, you were the first person I heard about Six Sunday from, so, I would call that inspiration. Not really from anything, just made it up. Probably use it now though. Thanks for reading!

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