My NaNoWriMo!!!


I am running short on time this week what with being a dad, a husband, a retail slave and an even greater writing slave. So we’ll make this short and sweet. After two weeks of self-deliberation, I have finally decided to throw my hat into the ring for National Novel Writers Month!!!

I figure that right now is the perfect time for it, what with my work hours changing to a much more manageable schedule and all. My lovely wife has also graciously assured me that she will do everything to help me find time to write.

As it has been my baby for the longest time, I have decided to erase everything that I have already written in The Oblivion Soul, not much I assure you at only 3500 words, and am going to totally revamp it and bring the first book to life. Just thinking about it as I type this sends chills coursing through me. I am so excited and of course equally nervous about the actual heftiness of the task. 50,000 words in thirty days is more than I have ever imagined being able to write, yet I vow to drop all pretenses, no pun intended, and just write without editing or revising. I will give into my inner bard and muse, and allow them to guide my fingers with the spirit that only NaNo can elicit in a person.

As it is, right now, without any written text until November 1st, I can only give you the briefest of rundowns on my story.
It is a story of the soul and the hidden complexities that bind people together. It sounds terribly pretentious, but that would probably be me in a nutshell.

Now I make a request to any of the other NaNo writers that may by chance pass by my Ink-stained Daydreams. Besiege me with your past knowledge and insight. Enlighten me with your experiences. As a complete NaNo rookie, I would gratefully take any advice and encouragement. For the rest of you that swing through here, I ask only that you wish me luck in your kindest of hearts.


4 thoughts on “My NaNoWriMo!!!

    • Ahhhh… Reminds me of my days as a streaker… Just tear off the clothes, get down to your bare bones and run like hell! LOL! Just kidding!

      Seriously, though, I wish you great success this year! Let all of us NaNos ROCK OUT WITHOUT OUR WRITER’S BLOCKS OUT!

      *Ahem* Additionally, I will try to find a spare minute to check out your blog. Thanks for the link!


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