Six Sunday


I start my new position at work tomorrow, which requires me to be at work at 3:45 am tomorrow, so I need to make this short and sweet, since I have a good amount of stuff to complete before I see a quick end to the rest of today. So, without further ado, I give you this weeks Six Sunday. It is actually an excerpt from my working novella, “Prisoner of Death”. Hope you enjoy it!

His eyes reflected the distance that separated the man’s thoughts from his surroundings. Yet it was with uncaring grace that he pulled a piece of paper from inside his robes and swiped it across the flats of his blade in one pass, before folding the paper in half then quarters with only his left hand, his fingers moving as nimbly as one of the decorative paper artists that could be seen folding different shapes and designs for the parties of the local nobility. As he finished the final crease, he threw the paper up into the air, and as if it passed through an invisible brazier it burned away leaving only the faintest wisps of smoke to be blown away by zephyr agents of the wind.
“Who’s down there?” a voice called from back out on the main street. It was the guard coming to check out the alley after a stray cat came bolting out startling him out of his determined march. But the alley was empty aside from a few quiet shadows.


4 thoughts on “Six Sunday

    • Thanks to you! I worked really hard on this as a short story, and receive a lot of feedback about how it would make a better novela if given more detail. I have plenty of material for it since it was intended to be a lead into my trilogy The Oblivion Soul. However, as a novella I feel it would be better to do the trilogy then release the novella if people like TOS. Anyways, enough about me and my endeavors! Thanks once again!

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