Madness, mayhem and… beards?


With less than one week until November 1st, NaNoWriMo looms ever closer, as if spinning in upon a whirlwind of chaos, and my mind is being swept up into the flow as it spins around character design, plot, conclusion and the daunting task of connecting all of these things. At this point, I can safely let you in on a couple ideas I am working with.

1. A hero with no memories of his own.

2. Monsters as black as night and twisted as Twizzlers.

3. A world destroyed by a god.

Alas, you will have to settle with that for now, because this is not what I intended this blog post to be about.

*Turn to camera two* 😉 Now I would like to take this time to look at another un-nationally celebrated November holiday, No Shave November. Every year men, and I suppose some women, come together to grow their facial hair in full, no razors, no blades. So, needless to say, I shall be partaking in NoShaNo this year! Each week, along with my NaNoWriMo update, I shall post a picture of my wonderfully growing face fungus, for your viewing pleasure. I’m looking forward to this month, no matter how crazy or hairy it is!



6 thoughts on “Madness, mayhem and… beards?

    • Meh, I’ve had a beard before, so the itchiness will be nothing new. And to boot, the time I would have spent shaving can now go towards NaNoWriMo!!!! Trust me, I spend a lot of time grooming myself (left over angst from a teenage life of being teased for my looks). Anyways, thanks for the vote of off-handed approval!!!

  1. I like the idea of a hero with no memories of his own because he’s inherently going to have a lot of internal struggle. I also like a world destroyed by a god. I think you’d probably have a lot more to play with for that one, in terms of emotions and characters.

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