NaNoWriNoShaNoMoSiSu 1


Hello!  I shall apologize for the lack of content for this last week and the rest of the month.  With National Novel Writers Month stealing all of my Non-daddy/non-husband free time, I’ve had to make the tough decision to combine my three main topics; NaNoWriMo, No Shave November and Six Sunday into one wonderful weekly post: NaNoWriNoShaNoMoSiSu.  So let’s get one with it.

First on the docket: Six Sunday!!!  This weeks six sentences comes from my NaNoWriMo project: The Oblivion Soul.  This is actually the first paragraph of the story, which was coincidentally (or is it serendipity?) six sentences long.  Enjoy!

Over the past twenty years the city ofHavenhad become anything but.  Looking out over the city, Rhethea imagined what the city’s architecture had been like before the war replaced the sprawling beauty with crumbling buildings and ruined streets.  She had been but a baby when the war had begun.  Twenty years later, they were still fighting the Umbra.  The very thought of the name reminded Rhethea of their writhing, crimson and ebony bodies and the pungent scent of sulfur and ash.  She had to force the bile to stay down as she thought of that odor.

Next, NaNoWriMo results for the first week!  I have left off at a cool 8437 words.  This does not include the writing I am about to attempt in the next few minutes.  However, if I manage to keep pace with 1667-2000 words today, that keeps me on pace to complete by the 30th!

It is really rather awesome to just sit back and watch the words flow out.  I am such a stickler for editing as I go, and somethings are just too hard to resist, but the feeling of progress is incredibly hard to deny.  I hope that if I learn anything from this month, it is to just trust your instincts and your muse, when writing, and just go with it.  I can’t help but wonder, how many stories I might have completed had I just given in before now.  Keep your eyes open for more Six Sentence Sundays from The Oblivion Soul!

And last but not least, No Shave November!!! I haven’t groomed since Halloween, and after an almost full week I have entered my version of the 5 O’CLOCK SHADOW!!!  It is actually a little longer than a 5er, but with my light hair color, it really is hard to tell.  That being said, as my face fungus progresses, I wouldn’t want you to expect more than a fuzzy face as opposed to a shaggy man bib.  And without further ado, I give you my pic of the week!  Time and date stamped for your approval.  Enjoy and as always Cheers!


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