NaNoWriNoShaNoMoSiSu 2


A long week of work leads me to make this post one of brevity.

I’ve had a cold for the better part of the whole damn week, and as such I found myself making very little progress with NaNoWriMo this week.  I am only at 14,782 words, which definitely puts me a little behind pace.  However, I am incredibly happy with the material I am coming up with.  The ideas just seem to be forming themselves as I continue to write along.  For that, I must thank my muse.  In honor of this excellent, albeit small, amount of progress, I give you my Six Sentence Sunday for the week.  It is, once again, an excerpt from The Oblivion Soul, but this idea was so exciting to me, that I just have to do an excerpt from it!

Without stopping the pattern he was forming he twisted his body to face the direction that the Umbra had screamed, in time to find its charred body barreling down the street towards him.  He altered the pattern from a gentle dance of his body to short, sharp movements and quickly felt the binding weave into something more as heat began to roil around inside him.

He kept weaving his body until the Umbra lunged for him.  Using the momentum that the pattern had brought to him, he leapt up and grabbed the Umbra by the charred mound that served as its head.  Fire erupted from his hands as he connected with the monster, forcing it to scream louder as he spun his body around and slammed the Umbra to the ground, pinning it with his bare, smoldering foot.

“I release you, beast,” he said calmly, before driving his burning, interlocked hands down into the monster’s snarling face.

Lastly, I give you the itchiness that is my No Shave November beard!

I know, I know, not nearly as attractive as I usually am *insert Phil Hartman voice*, but you’ll just have to make due.



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