NaNoWriNoShaNoMoSiSu 3


Here we are… week three of November. The holidays are fast approaching with the chill of Illinois’ winter nipping at my heels, the crazy people that just have to a have a specific toy for their bratty child and my NaNoWriMo word count should be at 31,673 as of today.

However! I have successfully manged to fall exactly one week behind pace!  I am sitting at a whopping, drum roll please, 18,051!  I’m hoping to catch up in the next couple of days, but life has been pretty crazy.  Financial, fatherly and husbandly responsibilities abound!  On top of that, my landlord informed us on Friday, that they would be doing random inspections on Monday! Yay!  All lack of progress aside, what I have been inspired to write during the last week, has made me feel incredibly creative.  I just finished a pivotal scene, that I have been playing over and over in my mind, and I think I actually nailed the intensity that I hoped to achieve on my first try!

Which leads me to my Six Sentence Sunday.  I know that I keep doing them from Oblivion Soul, but I’m just so happy with the way my story is coming along.  I hope you guys enjoy them!

“You poor wretched, soul,” he spoke gently to the monster standing before him, “I will end your suffering.”

Even if the Umbra did not understand what he had said, it got the point and reared back with both of its clawed arms to strike at the man, but it never had a chance.  Rada charged forward and, lightning fast, drew a blade that crackled with energy.  He swung the blade up and sliced through the monster’s chest.  Rsarin waited for the body to fall over, but Rada reached out and held it up.

“Go in peace,” he spoke to it with the same gentle tone.

There you go! As always, I’m open to criticism and, of course, compliments, so feel free to drop me a line about my six!

And lastly, I leave you with a picture of my hairy face for No Shave November!  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriNoShaNoMoSiSu 3

  1. Branli

    HA! I could practically hear the crackling of the blade! 😀

    p.s. Wanna know something creepy? Umbra is a name of an organization in my third book. Don’t worry… I’ll be changing it but WOW :-O

    • LOL! That is fantastic! Even if you didn’t change it, I wouldn’t be deterred from using the name… it fits too perfectly for the theme of my story, and I would even be honored! 😉 Thanks for dropping by and a line, mate!!!

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