NaNoWriNoShaNoMoSiSu 4


Well, well, well… Look who it is… Have you come to hear grand tales of my NaNoWriMo exploits, stories of incredible writing adventure?  Well, forget about it!  It would seem, that until I get out of the retail biz, any chance of me getting a novel written in the month of November has absolutely no chance what-so-ever!  I currently have a grand total of 20,100 words, and do not foresee any further time or opportunities to achieve any progress in my word count.

Now, on to what I have learned from this experience.  I have learned that I can achieve more writing success, when I actually just utilize the time to do it, rather than thinking about doing it.  I have learned that NaNoWriMo is a daunting and exhilarating task for anyone to undertake, which is why I say FANTASTIC JOB to everybody that has actually completed the task this year.  Even though, I did not complete 50,000 words, it was still extremely fun and encouraging to write alongside each and every one of you (which, coincidentally, I made new friends through NaNoWriMo!).  And lastly, I learned that my muse has ONE HELL OF A STORY!  And though, NaNo is over in just a few short days, I will persevere in every moment of energy that I obtain, to continue to use this story to paint a beautiful tale, the likes you have never seen!  So, keep your eyes open for the day when I finish it!

And then there is Six Sentence Sunday…  I have been giving you snippet after snippet from my progress with “The Oblivion Soul”.  This week, however, I have not made progress with the story, as I have already gone over in what is probably over-extensive detail.  So, it is with a nostalgic heart that I bring you six poetically painful lines from the novella I started a while ago, “Prisoner of Death”.  I hope you enjoy them.

The assassin felt the wire slam against Brynn’s throat, and he pulled back until the fat man’s body was pressed up against his. Crossing pommel over handle of the sword, he turned the wire into a snare around Brynn’s fleshy throat.  Brynn thrashed and clawed over his head searching for some hold on the assassin that would enable his release.

“I have a contract that needs to be completed, Brynn, but I want you to know one thing before death takes you.  Your fate is carried on the wings of all the lives you had me take these last seven years.  It is neither the contract nor my malice that brings your end, but their desire for revenge.”

And finally, the one task that I set out to do this month, that I have actually managed to stay on pace for, No Shave November! Though, I daresay it wasn’t too hard to keep my beard growing each day, and if I were to measure the word count of my beard, I’d have to say it is at like a 100,000 on the Scruffiness Meter!  It’s nice and grizzly, like a bear not like gore, fuzzy, like gore not like a bear ;), and it is ready to get shaved the hell off!  I miss my roguishly handsome, clean shaven face…  However, I will finish this task, if no others!  I’ve got three more days to go!  Look for my post on December 1st, for before and after pictures from my shave!  But for now, behold and be amazed by the beauty of my beard!!!  Cheers!


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