Absent apologies


 My friends and fellow bloggers, I greatly apologize about my lack of content on IsD this last month.  Financial circumstances have forced me to cut back on extra costs for the time being, which means no cable, no internet, etc.  I’m still able to chat it up on Twitter, which is where you can find me a few times a day.  Feel free to check me out with the link to the side there!

As far as updates go, life has been pretty drab the last month.  Costly cutbacks, minimal time for writing and plenty of time for work leave me little time for anything productive or fun.

I have been plotting and scheming about my writing endeavours a lot, at least in my head if not on paper.  After NaNo 2011 finished, I did force myself to make time to read “Prince of Thorns” by Mark Lawrence.  It was an absolutely fantastic story, that forced me to look at the plot that I had been developing during NaNo.  I must admit that I began to feel as though my plot, and the world I had been developing, felt completely inaccessible.  I’m reworking the details whenever I find time.  Hopefully, I can create something that will draw people in more than I feel it is pushing them out.

I will try to do updates on here as often as possible, but until my financial circumstances improve enough to reinstate the basic necessities of this day and age, I fear they will continue to be sporadic at best.  But please feel free to check in as often as you like, and for any of my new readers, feel free to check out some of my earlier posts.



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