Skyrim and video game inspiration


At least that is how I’m going to rationalize the ridiculous amount of time it has been since I last blogged.  Admittedly, my deviation from writing did begin when my computer went and fried itself (don’t worry my works in progress are okay, I think), but since then my life has become absorbed by the world of the Tamriel, more specifically by the nation of SKYRIM!!!

Holy crap, this game is amazing!  Best game in the series, if not possibly (though I often say it is) the best video game ever!!!  The in depth story lines (that’s right lines, not line), the stunning visual elements and DRAGONS!!! I’ve never played a game where killing dragons actually made you feel like a bad ass.  But every time I drop one of those winged bastards, I’m like “YEAH! WHAT’S UP NOW, SUCKA! DRAGONBORN WHAT!”

Ahem, sorry ’bout that… So, I seriously have to say that out of all of The Elder Scrolls games, Skyrim has finally found a main plot that makes me want to play it as much as the side quests, something that Morrowind touched on and Oblivion totally ignored.  If you haven’t tried it check out the game, it is so worth the sixty bones I dropped on it, and then another seventeen when I bought the strategy guide.  Or just check out the free trailer for the game here.

Okay, now is when I drop my real geekitude on you and tell about how I’ve made easily ten to fifteen different characters.  Coincidentally, this is where the inspiration part comes in.  The vast amount of character options is so impressive, that I can’t help but come up with new characters to try out, which in turn gives me more ideas for characters for writing.  I’ve made a dragonslayer, who wades into the thick of combat with his sword and shield, a thief who sneaks up on his enemies with a bow and walks through locked doors as if they were smoke.  Right now my favorite character is my assassin that summons mystical swords before dual impaling his victims from behind.

So, while I feel inclined to admit that I have written a word in almost a month, I haven’t shut my brain off to writing, I’ve just been giving it a much needed break, while I try to get the rest of my life organized, the real one, not the Skyrim lives! 😉  I promise that as soon as  I’ve gotten some writing progress under my belt you will be the first to know it!  In the mean time, feel free to drop me a line if, like me, you have partaken the beautiful pleasures of Skyrim, if you need ideas for a fun character for the game or writing or if you just want to geek out!



6 thoughts on “Skyrim and video game inspiration

  1. I know the real reason you haven’t been writing. Just like the reason I haven’t been reading blogs…. All my free time is taken up freezing to death in the land of Skyrim. I actually get goosebumps from the cold when I’m travelling up by Dawnstar!

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