Writer of souls


It is in the brilliance of your first sight of the world.

It is in the motion of your first steps.

It is in the first kiss of your lover’s lips.

It is the sound of your child’s first cry.

It is the feeling that bursts in your chest at the sound of that cry.

It is in the way you savor every beauty that life has to offer.

It is the way you rage against the injustices that the world seeks to imprison those beauties with.

It is the very essence that makes your life and your fate what they are.

It is your soul.

We all experience the ethereal presence that is our soul in one way or another, whether we are aware of it or not.  I have come to associate the sensation of goosebumps across my flesh as the way that my soul tries to reassure, inspire or warn me.  Call it what you will; muse, premonition, spider-sense or otherwise, I know it is there, and it has become the sole reason (no pun intended) for my writing.

The stories that I write are extensions of my soul.  I feel them in me more than I feel that I create them.  I’ve said it before, but I don’t give reader’s something I made, I give them pieces of myself.

If you have made it this far into the blog you may be wondering, “Where are you going with this, Justin?”  My answer is this:  I want my soul, my writing, to embrace and inspire the reader’s soul just as much.  I know how the tales that swell in my heart and mind inspire me to keep writing, and I want them to bring the  reader some form of inspiration.  I don’t write merely to entertain.  I want to use writing and my soul to change the world.  I’m not going to go so far as to say that I am one hundred percent right about everything in the world, and that the rest of the souls our there are wrong, but by connecting my soul with theirs, I hope to help them find what their soul knows to be right, even if they believe otherwise.

The time for swords and guns, hatred and violence are forever.  My stories, immersed in fantasy, magic, heroes and villains, embrace this fact, but they dig deeper.  They seek to shed light on the many aspects that make up each of my characters, whether they be strengths or flaws.  So, when the time comes for my first novel to be published, and should you choose to read it, be prepared.  For if I have written my story fully from my own soul, then no other soul will be left unchanged.


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