Grim futures and bright weekends


Hello, my wonderful readers!  I’ve actually been a bit busy this week, between my day job, Target, where we’ve been finishing up our remodel, my family and the new project I’ve begun to help with!

Myself, and several fellow writers are working on an anthology, that @LynMidnight started up, about how the world will end.  It will consist of thirty-six short stories/flash fictions.  Right now I’m one of the betas that are helping with re-reading and critiquing the first twelve of the short stories, but I’m really hoping for the chance to get in on the second set of short stories as a writer.

My personal desires aside, the project is shaping up nicely!  Our first round of writers have a great set of ideas for stories, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to start helping with them.  As it stands, we could use help with various things if anyone wants to help out.  We could still use more betas, and once the first round is finished, we will be looking for more writers again.  Feel free to message Lyn or check out the link HERE.

I’m really excited, because, this is the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with other writers on such a spectacular project.  I had become so consumed by my own writing lately, and it is really fantastic to do something with others!  So, stop on by, because, right now, the more the merrier!

And then there is this weekend… which I am off from work for!!!  And my bud called to tell me he will dropping by with the necessary cord to get my writing projects transferred over from my old hard drives!  So, very soon I will begin working on my own stories again!  I’m really excited to get writing again.  I was making such fantastic progress with my novel, “The Oblivion Soul”, and I fell off pace for the last few months.  It will be so good to get back in there!  I’ll try to come up with something great for an excerpt to put on here!



8 thoughts on “Grim futures and bright weekends

  1. lynmidnight

    Thanks for the shout out, Justin! But technically it’s 12 stories continued in the 3 sections and due to the number of requests, a writer can only write for one section. But that’s cool because everyone gets to contribute. The more the merrier, like you said. Have fun writing and have a great weekend! ^_^

  2. lynmidnight

    Jeez, never mind my slow brain today… I just remembered you’re not actually writing one of the stories, but just beta-ing. I’m just thinking of everyone as one big family and the rest is a blur, lol. Anyway, I was going to edit my comment but I’m not sure how…

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