Apocalypses, vacations and Skyrim


I’m back!  For those of you that didn’t know it, I’ve been on a trip of being a lazy bastard.  I’ve neglected my Twitter followers, and you, my blog followers.  And yet, I must still thank you to everybody that has followed me recently.  Despite no new content, nobody disavowed me.  I must be doing something right.

Anywho… I have been busy, despite my lack of blogging and Tweeting.  I’ve been hammering away at my keyboard with two different tasks.  First, and foremost, I’ve been working on my story for the Grim5Next project.  I’m working on story with Jinn Nelson and Goran Zidar.  I wrote it and they are playing the part of harsh editors and critics. 😉

The story is going along swimmingly, it’s just me that’s taking longer with it.  Real life, work and exhaustion have taken their toll on me and made it very hard to stay on one task for too long.  I thank goodness for this staycation that I took from work, because the stress was starting to give me a giant migraine, seriously.

The time off has been nice.  I’m about halfway through my staycation, and I’ve been really lazy with it, just playing with the kids and goofing around with Skyrim.  I plan on finishing up my story in the next couple of days though.

And then there is my own novels that have been patiently waiting in the wings. I haven’t touched any of them in some time now, but I have been thinking about them.  In fact, once again I must pay homage to Skyrim for this.

I have recently joined a website called The Skyrim Blog.  It has been fantastic!  They have a discussion group called Character Building, and while they are all characters to be played in Skyrim, the experience has been fantastic.  A lot of the characters I am coming up with I plan to utilize in my own writing.  The ideas are actually giving me the opportunity I have been looking for to overhaul my project and put a bit more realism in them.

You guys should definitely check the website out if you love character building, or Skyrim, as much as I do.  They also have another group that is just about background stories.  It is fantastic!

My main character will be getting a different background story, though his main goal and the critical problem he will face shall remain the same.  But he has gone from a warrior skilled with a sword and a forgotten past, to a young man who as a child he lost his family to a horrific act and was adopted by the leader of a group bent on destroying the evil that plagues their world.  His choice of weapon is also going to change, but I’m going to keep that one a secret for now! 😀

And that is what I’ve been up to, in a nutshell.  I promise I’ll try to get back into a regular blogging routine again, and, hopefully, come up with some great new content on here for you guys to check out!



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