I know I just reblogged one of her blog posts the other day, but here she is again! Another wonderful post on Worldbuilding from Whitney Carter!

Dragons & Invisible Ink

A taboo is something (i.e. a custom or belief) that’s been stigmatized by society as unacceptable or improper. Some are subtle and others are in-your-face, but our world is littered with them, no matter the culture. They carry weight in politics and define the way we view certain groups of people. These social no-no’s draw us in with their forbidden aura and even when repulsed, we’re fascinated.

My NaNo manuscript, which has become the first book in a series, is based heavily on what many modern, real-world societies consider a taboo today: witchcraft. Readers have talked to me about the story in terms of witchcraft, even though that part of the story is more about a young woman reforming the standard organized religion of her time than any dark, sinister practices. This kind of conversation can be a good thing—it can let you know that you’ve gotten people to think…

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