Raving Wild!


First off, if you haven’t checked out the band Raving Wild, do it!  This acoustic Indie duo has a fantastic sound.  You guys have heard me talk about how different types of music inspire me, well these guys are a perfect example.

The band consists of Graham Iddon and Dave Cocking.  Their music takes inspiration from bands and groups like Thrice, My Vitriol, Counting Crows and Mumford and Sons, The Shins, Silver Sun Pickups, The Who and Blink 182.

Graham contacted me after he checked out my blog post about my Sunshine Award the other day.  Which leads me to my big news!  Graham has asked me to do some guest blogging on their website!  I’m so excited, and to be honest, nervous.  I’m okay with being ballsy and screwing up on my own blog, but to be offered the ability to help out on another blog is scary!  Regardless, I plan on trying to find some great content to put up on their site, and I highly suggest you guys swing by there to check them out.  I plan on putting up new content on my little Ink-stained Daydreams here, as well as on Raving Wild, each Wednesday, if not more often!



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