One of those days


You ever stop and say to yourself, “I’m gonna get some shit done today.”  I do.  Hell, today started out as one of those days.  I thought to myself, I’m going to talk to my landlord about the pot smell in my apartment, I’m going to take my kids to a bunch of fun stuff and I’m going to write at least a thousand words today.  And yet, here I am with only a partially completed list.  Sure, the day is young, but I guarantee you that the things I wanted to do are now going to be in complete contention with the list of crap that I have to do.

Oh, Hermione, where are you now with your wonderful little time turner?  (Side note, one of my friends from work has the hugest crush on Emma Watson!)  How are we supposed to deal with this?  Am I supposed to go without sleep like the bad guy who never slept in Die Another Day?  Hardly a positive looking answer.

So, I’m now implementing the Get Your Ass Moving Protocol for each of my days off.

1.  Wake up each morning by 8 AM.  (If my kids let me sleep that late.)

2.  Make them breakfast.

3.  Collaborate with wife to plan day out.

4.  Set aside time to do some exercise.

5.  Make kids lunch.

6.  Collaborate with wife again to find time to work on writing while my daughter naps.

Then devote the rest of my day to taking the kids to fun things or to helping to pick up the house.  This shall be incredibly difficult for me honestly, considering that I’m a video game junkie.  I just have so many great games with exceptional stories!  Like hunting dragons in Skyrim or pwning noobs on Modern Warfare 3… Where’s my video game controller again!  NO!  Bad Justin!

*shakes his head*  So, there you have it.  There’s my plan.  I invite you guys to give me any advice you have as to how you manage your time.  Feel free to drop a comment!



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