Hate the day job…


So, in case you’ve been watching, you would’ve noticed that I’ve been missing from the blog/social media scene for over a week now.  For anybody that doesn’t already know it, I’m the Flow Team Lead at my local Target.  I’m in charge of getting into the store at 4 AM every day in order to lead the team who receives our shipments and fills the sales floor with merchandise.

I only give you this information so that you can understand the predicament I was left with.  At my store, we take a truck, sometimes two if we have a food truck, every day.  Last week, the distribution center made a HUGE error, and didn’t send us a truck one day.  Therefore, on Friday and Saturday I had to come in at 2 AM, and had to beg and plead with my team to do the same, in order to stock two ridiculously huge trucks.  Needless to say, my last few days have  consisted of working, coming home and eating something, and then going promptly to sleep.  And I’m still tired.

So, thanks to this wonderful scenario, I haven’t written a single word on my blog or story, haven’t posted up the next two parts of Prisoner of Death for you guys and haven’t said more than a few RTs on Twitter.  Today, finally being my first day off in about almost a week, has finally given me this chance to catch up with you guys!

It’s been a downright shame for my story too, since I came up with a couple of excellent ideas for my plot.  Although, I wonder if I hadn’t been overtired and if I had been just writing with what I already had planned out, would I have come up with these ideas.  In this case, I guess I’d like to consider the last few stressful days as double edged swords.  Each blade biting deep into my fractured mind, but bringing forth wonderful new ideas to try as the blood runs from my soul.

Regardless, with any given luck I will get some writing done on my story this week and you might see me shoot out a few messed up opinions on Twitter.  Also, keep your eyes open for Prisoner of Death parts 1 and 2 coming out later today, and look for my next post on Raving Wild!



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