My first turndown



The title says it all, folks.  I got my first no.  My first submitted short story got the big bupkiss.  I sat by and waited for ten months while they took their time getting to it, and as far as I know, all they did was read the first sentence before tossing it into the trash bin in their email folder.  And yet, I’m not daunted.

Could it be because I didn’t place the same amount of love into the story as I did my current novel, that I’ve been on again off again writing for three years now?  Maybe.  But I still put the same level of creativity and drive into it as I do all my stories.  No, I am not daunted because I understand the true level of my creativity, and if the publishers can’t see it yet, they will.


I have already risen from the ashes of my first failure, like the proverbial phoenix, and I have said, “I will fight on!  With my muse at my side, I will forge ahead and create amazing adventures and tales of terror!”

So, I ran a comb over it’s short body once again, grooming and caring for it once more, before I submitted it to another publication unit.  The turn around time on this is supposed to be much better, which will be great, but I won’t wait with baited breath.

I have been making fantastic progress on my current work in progress.  I keep pushing myself to write more and more each day that I have the opportunity, and with each day I see it rise along side of me, my partner phoenix!


Lastly, if you guys haven’t taken the time to check out my Prisoner of Death short story, you should do so!  The link up at the top has links to the whole story!  Let me know what you guys think!



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