Theme change!


So, I had a revelation about IsD the other day.  I have been way too damned serious on here!  I want to make this blog lighter and more fun.  I think I’ve been running under the moody mode for the last few months…

Therefore, what better way to lighten up the mood than to switch up the theme!!!  I found this wonderful new theme in the the standard theme gallery, and yet it somehow eluded my attention until this point.  It’s perfect for IsD!

And with the theme change comes my own life’s theme change.  I’m going to try to look more on the lighter side of things, because I always write better when I’m in a good mood.  I can’t guarantee that my day job isn’t going to, at times, put me in a pissy mood, but I will look past the stress of my day to day life in order to give you guys more lively reads!

Let me know what you guys think of the new theme change, and also feel free to give me any advice or tips for sprucing the place up a bit!



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