Life is full of distractions. Deal with it.


I recently read an article on Yahoo News about a new gaming console that is coming out (WOOHOO!).  With any of these such articles I love to read the comments section, to see the general public’s feelings on such things.  They usually involve a whole lot of snide remarks from people that think their words are worth hearing, much like this blog!  The comments in this article did not fail to impress.

I won’t quote any such comments, one because I don’t like to quote sources without their approval, and two I’m really lazy, however their was one that like all other articles had to link the this particular article to politics.  Basically the one that struck a chord with me said something about video games were just a a distraction to keep the public’s eyes off of our countries real problems.

This is the single stupidest thing I’ve read this morning, mostly because I only woke up thirty minutes ago, but it is stupid to me none the less.  Of course, it is a distractions, but what is life if not just one giant pool of distractions intended to keep us semi-unaware of the reality of life.  It sucks.  But the distractions are what makes life worth living.  If there was only one problem after another, with nothing in between, then what would be the point of living.  There you have it, my own personal thoughts on the meaning of life.

Another reason that this is stupid is simply, that every individual does not need to worry themselves over every single cotton-picking problem that this country or world faces.  We don’t need that burden, and most of us don’t want it.  It’s not my job to worry about this countries financial problems, I have a hard enough dealing with my own financial problems.  I pay taxes that ensure that someone else that has been appointed by my votes to take care of my city’s, state’s and country’s problems.  “But what if they aren’t doing a good enough job dealing with our issues, Justin?  Shouldn’t you be worried about your money or choices?”  No!  Regardless of most actions that I take in life, this country’s problems will continue on, despite my care or despite who is in office.

Thirdly, I am certainly glad that there are distractions in this world.  As a writer, I’d hate to think that my content would be only white noise on peoples hearts.  What we do as writers and entertainers is intended to build layers upon the human soul, helping them filter the world through another layer to dampen the pain that is life’s plight.

Lastly, on a note that is very much a tangent, I must point out, that people really only get worried about a problem when it involves money or guns.  The public will tell you that problems like freedom of speech or other such “little” things are of little concern.  But when they feel their money or guns are threatened they question why you care about a video game console.

I repeat, life is full of distractions, so deal with it, and accept that I am allowed to not care about every god damned problem in the world.  Thank you.

Now I’m going back to bed, because I’m still tired from work and that article and this blog post now have me a bit too riled up to be polite to the rest of the world.

Fucking cheers!


3 thoughts on “Life is full of distractions. Deal with it.

  1. You are correct in many ways! Entertainment is ABOUT escapism – it’s ABOUT forgetting that the real world is not up to scratch and escaping to a different one. I agree entirely. This is why I read/write fantasy!

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