Guns, guns, guns.


You can’t look very many places without seeing or hearing something about the epic struggle of pro-guns vs. gun control.  I understand the need for both sides.  People want to protect their husbands, wives and children.  And the sad thing is that both sides want that same thing, but refuse to admit and understand that fact.

To be honest, I am an individual that is pro gun control .  I can’t help but feel , despite all of our social and technological advancements, that we are a society that has degraded.  People aren’t intelligent enough to be trusted with weapons.  But that is not what this is about.  I’m not going to argue with anyone about guns, because I just don’t care that much.  There are enough people fighting over this in the world.

The one thing I am truly concerned with is much more basic and much more simple.  Half, if not more, of the country seems to be for keeping guns of all kinds, so that they can protect what’s theirs.  They fear that the police are an inadequate force to protect them, and they fear they may need the guns for their country’s sake.  Understandable, but my biggest concern is that having a firearm is much different from actually discharging a firearm.  I worry that too many people are too quick to say that they could really take a life, even to protect their own or their family’s.

Taking a life will irrevocably change an individual’s life.  And I have no doubt that a vast majority of the people who want firearms will actually use them, but I’m scared that if they have to, what will happen to them.  I fear that their need to will change our already rocky society for the worst.  I know I would hesitate to pull the trigger, because too much changes if you do.

So, readers, though you may be few, let me know what you think.  Are my fears completely unfounded?  Or not?  Remember no arguing on my site.  This isn’t to get people riled up.  This is to get honest opinions and beliefs.



2 thoughts on “Guns, guns, guns.

  1. well, i do NOT think we need to be able to legally possess fully automatics. i do think …no i KNOW we need to possess weapons legally in our homes. let me tell you why. i’m a convicted felon with 18 years in “the game”. i know that no laws will ever stop criminals from finding and buying or stealing guns. i’m not legally allowed to own a weapon, but i know i don’t care abut the law when it comes to me being able to protect myself / home / friends from the type of people that i know are out there. as far as the after affects of killing someone,i don’t know what to say to that. i just don’t want to be the one being put in a body bag.

    • That is, unfortunately, what I’m worried about. Survival of the fittest has changed society from one that depends on the aid of his fellow man to one that makes the taking of life far too simple. People say it stems from violence in video games or movies that cause people to become mass murderers, but I feel it starts with two things.

      One, how we raise our children. It always starts with the parents, which I can safely say as a parent.

      And two, when a person has a tool, and they know how to use it, they will without hesitation. It’s not guns that scare me, it’s how easy they make it.

      I understand what you mean about the body bag, but at the point that power and self-preservation take over every individual, no longer are we living life, we are merely surviving it.

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