The Soldiers of Linkin Park


So, as I’m sure I’ve said before, one of my favorite bands is Linkin Park.  The beauty of their music lies in the subtlety of their storytelling.  Most people would just tell me that I’m full of shit, and hell maybe even the band members would, but this is how I’ve come to interpret their music over the years as I listened from one album to the next.  Though it should be noted that I am skipping over concert albums.

If you start with their first album, Hybrid Theory, you see the story unfold on a youth growing up in a dark and painful world where life is a struggle with few people to trust and little to hope for.

With the release of Reanimation, you saw the youth try to change the world around them, or at least change their perception of the world.

Meteora shows us the results of the youth’s failures and the madness that rages within him.  Anger and bitterness poor from him and the other subjects that live their created world.

Minutes to Midnight, shows the youth has grown up and begun his service to a system that won’t let him/her free, but they continue to see the flaws in the system.  From rich and powerful politicians to foolish leaders, each pushes down the masses that sought out these men to make there lives better.  And a rebellion is forming.

In A Thousand Suns, the revolution is in full swing and the youth has become a soldier waging war with all the injustice that surrounds him/her, but the soldier only finds unnecessary bloodshed that ultimately ends with the people of the planet destroying each other and the world around them.

Finally, in the album Living Things, we see the youth struggling along with the other survivors of the war, trying to remake an apocalyptic world into one worth keeping, but people keep making the same mistakes of old, and nothing turns out perfectly.

They have another new album coming out soon called Recharge, that like Reanimation is  a remix album, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it, and can’t wait to see if and how the story progresses!

My interpretation of this story is inspiring me to write a story that shows this epic tale, but I’d hate to feel like I was playing upon an already great story that needs no further telling/explaining.  We’ll see!  Might just make it a side project for fun!

In closing, I was extremely excited that I wasn’t the only person to have a similar thought on the theme of these albums, when I found a YouTube video that was a a collective effort of individuals to make a story from certain songs!  Here it is to check out!